TV Commercial

In a world where everyone has a mute button, putting together a wining commercial
can be one of the most challenging video and media productions there is.

That is why you need the experience and outside of the box thinking of a professional video
marketing team like Dream Box Productions.

Located in Colorado Springs, CO, we are not your normal, local small metro area
marketing agency. We have nearly a decade of experience in producing videos and
media for companies near to nation wide that get watched, get listened to, and get
action in the form of customer engagement and sales. Contact us to find out how we do it, and do it well.

Impact is critical in successful TV commercial campaigns.

The days of people tolerating loud, brainless ads is over. TV commercials must engage and make it worthwhile for the potential customer to spend valuable time among a myriad of sensory inputs to pay attention and want to remember what your ad is offering, selling, or saying. That takes talent, knowledge, and experience, something we possess and pride ourselves in offering to each and every customer. Our consultations are always free and our quotes complete and up front.
Part of the reason we have such a successful TV commercial track record is we listen to our clients, not only what they are offering, but the image and branding they want to present. We are locals and we know how critical image is in a regional area where everyone literally knows who you are and your reputation.

Our years of strong technical skills are combined with state of the art equipment, ground and drone full capacity, a talented graphics design team, and a full service in-house editing department.

This full service approach lets us control costs and offer a
superior product at a great price, no matter if you need a 15 second short or a multi-
minute infomercial produced. Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your needs. We respond quickly, and have a fast turn around for your TV commercial needs. Our TV commercials not only get watched, but get results. Let’s talk and we can show you how to make better use of your advertising dollars to reach a larger audience with more return.

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