Product Showcase

Nothing is more important than making sure your brand is represented accurately and a lasting impression is created for your public.

Salesmen used to lug around massive cases with miniature sample versions of their companies products, and companies used to spend fortunes shipping one-offs to prospective clients.

Sometimes they still do, but more often they use video product
showcases to open the conversation and purchasing files. When you need a particular group of products or services with information to be shared in a multitude of venues, such as a board or stockholder meeting or trade show, there is no better method of conveying the diversity of your line than a product showcase. Well-captured video set with minimal text is compiled so the attention is focused on what you are offering, not the samples they are playing with in front of them.

Some products lend especially well to video, including kinetic, natural, oversized, or
those best viewed in 3-D instead of 2. More variety of products and services can be
covered in a short span of time in video versus other methods. Let us show you how
dense but memorable a well-constructed product showcase can be during a free
consultation. In this digital age, product showcases are becoming increasing popular as a means to convey the atmosphere and personality of your company, as well as presenting a fresh approach to brand imaging. Your showcase’s ability to land a client hinges on quality production, effective use of video techniques, high quality graphics, and lasting brand impact. In the era of millisecond choices on what to view or ignore, a showcase cuts to the chase to focus on your offerings. Cleanly constructed and easy to assimilate, it allows your brand to shine through and proves why a working relationship with your company would be a win-win.

Our technically superior graphics design staff, along with experienced videographers and production crew, can make your products and services shine. We
can running caption your showcase, as current research proves engagement time and retention are vastly improved using it to counter the habits of multi-tasking and muting. Sometimes you need a last minute video done. We will do everything possible to accommodate your deadline. We understand, because we understand modern business in a non-stop, constantly evolving digital age. Grab your market share utilizing our expertise and vast business marketing
experience to propel your company and products to a new profitability level. Call or contact us to schedule a time to get your work started.

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