Live Streaming

There are times the most important thing you can provide your staff, students, or family is a live, face-to-face interaction to learn material, participate in product releases, or enjoy an event.

With the high use of mobile deviceS

the stage is at your audience’s fingertips to see
and participate in your live event, without the high expense or difficulties of bringing them to one central location. Whether it is elderly family, remote staff, or branch offices, contact us for a quote on how we can live stream your event.

Need to get more interaction on social media?

Live streaming can make that happen and blow up your feed putting you ahead of the competition. By sharing on the Internet, you can expand your audience by bringing events, meetings, classes and content in a timely way to people who might not otherwise have access to you. Our experienced staff and cutting edge equipment allows us to live stream highly effective broadcasts with top-notch audio quality.No more waiting on the memo, then planning a store meeting to disseminate the information. Companies that keep their staff current and on the same page simply run better. Budget friendly, live streaming events are a cost effective means for companies doing training, updates, annual meetings, and other happenings that all employees should be able to access. It is an inclusive platform that give you immediate results.

There are many times that is simply not practical, cost effective, or manageable.

That is where Dream Box Productions of Colorado Springs, CO comes in. Our full
service videographer and media services can enable the next best thing in a live
streaming video production to engage those at a distance with what you need and
want to share. Whether it be a beautiful Four Corners wedding, a meeting and
company outreach, or educational event, we can provide state of the art equipment
and talent to capture your event in an engaging, enjoyable manner. Our
consultations are free, and our quotes reasonable. Contact us to find out.