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If you are like us, you have a stack or favorite file 13 where most business cards end up, never to be seen again. Once the bastion of business, modern attention grabbing techniques are well past glossy ink, flashy pictures or strange cuts and folds. What you need to get attention and shares in the non-digital world is something….digital.

Meet your new calling card, one that will not get thrown away, and will be shown to everyone they can think of to wonder at this unique, new, fascinating means of getting what you want to say into their hands, viewed – and kept. Business video cards look deceptively like a fat business card, except when opened, they contain a small screen and pooph! up pops a video of you, your company, your products, or whatever you choose. Screen casts and personal greetings are especially impactful, because not only your intended target views the card, everyone they share this cool new medium with sees your pitch, too.



Reasonably priced business video cards are readily available. We can produce the video you need at a very competitive rate and it will be quality, not some shaky smartphone take. You can get in front of the intended audience over and over again, guaranteeing they will remember you and know what you are presenting. That is a big win for any business selling a service or product. Our trained staff can help stage the setting for your card video, or provide a backdrop. Our state of the art equipment makes editing a snap and cost competitive to provide a high quality, remarkably life-like finished product quickly.

Want to make a party favor everyone remembers and keeps for a milestone event, anniversary, or celebration? Have our talented videographers film the couple reminiscing or build a video for you to include in a card. We promise it will not be thrown away or given to the white elephant sale. Contact us for a free quote and be the first at BMI or the Chamber meeting to have a card no one tosses in a drawer, let alone file 13. We promise you will love not only the quality of our video, but the results in increased referrals and new business as

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